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The Story

of Indigo Valley Lamb

Paul and Suse with their Poddy Lambs
Paul at Farmers Markets
Paul in crop with Milton

Raising lambs lovingly in the Indigo Valley

Our Story

Our story began back in 2006 when Paul and I met by chance in the quaint little town of Rutherglen in North East Victoria.

We both shared a love of wine and living in the North East with a strong connection to the land and a genuine love for animals.

We married in 2008 and were both enjoying careers in the wine industry until 2019 when we decided it was time to take on a new challenge and one we could enjoy together.  This is when the magic began and Indigo Valley Lamb was created!

It happened organically

Paul's story

I was managing the vineyards at All Saints & St Leonards Estates at the time when Nick Brown and I decided to buy some sheep together to graze on the river flats.


We began breeding lambs to supply to the Terrace Restaurant at All Saints Estate and sold a few to friends by word of mouth.

The feedback on the quality of the lambs was overwhelmingly awesome!


The family sheep breeding tradition dates back three generations in my family.

I have always had a keen interest and passion for breeding sheep. 


Born and raised on a sheep property, I was lucky enough to grow up eating farm fresh lamb, almost every everyday, and I loved it!

Suse's story

On the other hand I was born and bred in Rutherglen with wine in my blood. Whilst enjoying the finest of wines sadly, when it came to lamb, I only had access to commercially produced lamb which was tough and flavourless. 

I used to avoid eating lamb until the chance came to try Paul’s SAMM lamb – reluctantly at first however soon I became hooked! 

There was something truly unique & Delicious about the lamb Paul was producing

From dream to reality

Lamb racks and loin chops became our weekly red meat treat.

Entertaining became easy and pleasurable as we shared our delicious homegrown lamb slow cooked or BBQ’d with friends and family.

It was then that we saw the opportunity to really do something with paddock to plate Lamb.
We started researching and noticed people were paying a lot of money for store bought lamb, which was tough and flavourless. 


It was our chance to show people just how delicious home grown lamb could be.


With Paul’s genuine passion and ability to raise top quality, prime lambs combined with my background in marketing we began developing plans to bring our dream to life.


In 2020 we officially launched Indigo Valley Lamb and made our first deliveries of delicious homegrown lamb direct to consumers. 


We received incredible support from our family, friends and local community and will be forever grateful to all those who helped us along the way.

About Us - Our Lambs

About Our Lambs

About Us - our lambs

Our lambs are South African Meat Merinos (SAMM) a breed renowned for their superior meat quality. They are born and raised lovingly on pastures on our farm in the Indigo Valley.  

Our Story - Indigo Valley Lamb

Our Story on Why SAMM Lambs

We chose to breed SAMM lambs due to their tendency to fatten more slowly, unlike commercially bred lambs which are designed to fatten rapidly ready for a quick sale.

The slow rate at which SAMM lambs mature allows for the development of fine grained, intramuscular fat which, when cooked through, leads to more flavoursome, tender and delicious tasting lamb.  

In addition to superior breeding we handle our lambs quietly and with care. We believe this makes a big difference to the quality of the lamb experience.

Low stress handling is all the better for the lambs health. It allows them to relax and channel all of their energy into growing and fattening slowly and evenly. This results in tender, juicy, tasty lamb!!

Our lambs are butchered locally by the team at CC Quality Meats in Beechworth. We then hand deliver immediately and directly to customers in cryovac packaging.

This locally based, highly efficient process ensures the lamb is delivered super fresh, making it even more tasty and delicious!

SAMM Lamb features

Our home in the Indigo Valley

A piece of paradise

When we first set foot on our property in the Indigo Valley we instantly fell in love.


It felt like our very own piece of paradise.


We genuinely believe our lambs feel the same way.


They graze each day on lush green pastures on the valley floor, sheltered from the wind.


Our lambs can often found basking in afternoon sunshine and racing through the gullys and over the dam walls.

‘Terroir’ is central to all we do at Indigo Valley Lamb. It’s the combination of highly fertile soils, climate, generations of experience and hands on nurturing that culminates in delicious tasting lamb.”

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